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"We can’t learn everything from someone, but we can learn something from everyone. Humility opens the door to new ideas and ancient truths and provides the glue that bonds a multigenerational family." 

Ross Parsley, Messy Church

The context of this passage was speaking to Christians in a church and learning from people of all ages. But the same truth applies to other places. We can learn something from everyone we meet. It takes humility to have that perspective but it is a perspective I want to have in my life. There is not a single person that I can’t learn something from. I need to be willing to listen and hear. Pride will keep me from being able to do that.

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My son with a determined look to climb up a slide. Picture from December 2009.

You could see the determination and grit of my son ten years ago as he climbed up a slide on a playground. He has continued to display that same determination in pursuing the things he wants out of life. He did it two years ago when he applied for a presidential fellowship at Murray State, which has allowed him to study graphic design there.

And he has shown the same determination as he sought an opportunity to study at Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona this spring. He had to work so much of it out for himself as he pursued a program that others from his school had not done before him. He has had many challenges along the way. Several have occurred right as he is on the cusp of seeing that dream become a reality.

I am so proud of my son and the determination he has shown. I am praying that the final obstacles that stand in his way will fall and that he will be in Barcelona a week from today starting his educational adventure.

This post was inspired by my wife’s Facebook post. She used the picture and talked about my son’s determination and grit.

December 29, 2023 View single note
Movie poster of Shin Godzilla showing the head of the monster and the name of the movie in a script font underneath. The only colors on the poster are red and black.

After seeing Godzilla Minus One earlier this week, we watched Shin Godzilla tonight on Prime. This movie had a fascinating perspective as it centered on the government’s response to the monster’s appearance and its planning for when it returned.

There was political intrigue both with individuals and with other countries. We watched the original Japanese version with English subtitles.

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"I am where I am today, not because I have always made wise decisions or correctly discovered the will of God at particular points along the way, but because God has faithfully led me and guided me along the path of His will for me."
Jerry Bridges, Trusting God

This came up in my Readwise feed today. I had just read the chapter that came from the day before. Such a good reminder of God’s care.

December 26, 2023 View single note
Godzilla Minus One movie poster

I saw Godzilla Minus One tonight with my son. I was not quite sure what to expect. I appreciated the meaningful story of this movie. I remember watching Japanese monster movies at summer matinees or after school. There was a local station that would have monster weeks and show several of these films over a week or two.

I thought this film was very well done. It’s not the cheesy type of movie I remember from my childhood. And yet music in the movie reminded me of those movies. I am unsure if it was the same theme or something similar.

I didn’t come in with a lot of expectations but came away thinking it was probably one of the better movies I saw in the theater this year. Teenage Mutant Turtles was similar in that I didn’t have high expectations but thought it was very well done.

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"God in His love always wills what is best for us. In His wisdom He always knows what is best, and in His sovereignty He has the power to bring it about.”
Jerry Bridges, Trusting God

One of my favorite takeaways from my current reading of the book Trusting God. I am rereading it for the fourth time. This thought stands out and I am trying to keep it in front of me regularly. It came up in my Readwise feed today.

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"The great struggle of my life is not trying to discern God’s will; it is trying to discern and then disown my own." Paul E. Miller and David Powlison, A Praying Life

This Kindle highlight came up in my Readwise review today. It is a great reminder of what the struggle is.

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I enjoyed watching Kansas play Indiana this afternoon. KU was down by 8 at the half and as much as 13 points at one point in the game. They came back in the second half and won 75-71. They looked a whole lot better in the second half. Better shot selection and continued to play great defense despite having key players with foul trouble.

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" can measure whether you find the Bible delightful not by how often you read it or by how much of it you read, and not by whether you find it easy or difficult to read, but by whether you approach the Bible expecting to be surprised. Bible delight is born when you expect it to teach you something you did not know already. The more childlike you are toward the Bible, the more likely you are to find it having just the right words for you." 

(David Gibson, Living Life Backward)

This passage from Living Life Backwards came up in my Readwise highlights at the end of last week. I was convicted by the thought of how I approach the Bible each day when I read it.

Do I approach it expecting to be surprised or to learn something I didn’t already know? Sadly, I have to say the answer to the question is no.

I don’t want familiarity to keep me from coming with an expectant attitude. The Bible is living and active. I want to approach it with an attitude of expectation. I prayed over the weekend that God would help me to develop this attitude and outlook in the coming year.

And just on Sunday, I learned something new about the episode where God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. It was a brutal age and human sacrifices to “gods” were common. God tested Abraham to teach him that God does not require this of us. He is different. And the moral of the story is that God will provide.

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This is one of my favorite baseball moments. When the Royals won the 1985 World Series. I love this video because it uses Denny Matthew’s call on the radio, which is how I experienced the championship moment. I listened to the game on a headphone radio next door at Arrowhead Stadium.

My soccer coach, who was also a Scout leader, needed some help cleaning up Arrowhead after a Chiefs-Broncos game earlier in the day. His scout troop did not have enough manpower so several of us from the team helped out.

We were told that if we finished cleaning before the end of the Royal’s game they would allow us to go over and stand in the concourse to watch the conclusion. But that did not happen as we were near finishing the cleanup when the final out was recorded next door.

Denny Matthews had started the countdown with every out from the seventh or eighth inning on. After a very dramatic comeback win the night before, it was nice to have a game that the Royals were in control of very early on.

I remember hearing the sound of the fireworks going off after they won the game and catching a glimpse of them through one of the section entrances (we were working the side nearest to Kauffman Stadium.

We had a lot of fun celebrating with other fans as we made our way through the parking lot to go home after a long day. I would have rather been next door watching that game but I am glad we were right there so close when they claimed their first championship.

That moment happened 38 years ago today.