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September 26, 2023

Cameron Moll posted on LinkedIn that Authentic Jobs was celebrating its 18th birthday today. Cameron started Authentic Jobs in 2005 and then later sold it in 2016. At one point, it was the go-to place to find jobs for Web creatives.

I applied for the front-end developer job for Authentic Jobs at the beginning of 2012. I had a delightful interview with Cameron, whom I had met in person and had lunch with at a conference in 2007. I did not get the job but was told I was in the final cut. I lacked some of the skills that he was looking for.

I used this as motivation to acquire those skills during 2012 which I believe prepared me to pursue a role later in the year that moved me to Chattanooga. I applied for that job through Authentic Jobs. I was introduced to LGND in 2017 by responding to a posting on Authentic Jobs. I am grateful for the impact that this site has had on my career. In total, it connected me to 3 opportunities between 2012 and the present.