January 2, 2024
My son with a determined look to climb up a slide. Picture from December 2009.

You could see the determination and grit of my son ten years ago as he climbed up a slide on a playground. He has continued to display that same determination in pursuing the things he wants out of life. He did it two years ago when he applied for a presidential fellowship at Murray State, which has allowed him to study graphic design there.

And he has shown the same determination as he sought an opportunity to study at Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona this spring. He had to work so much of it out for himself as he pursued a program that others from his school had not done before him. He has had many challenges along the way. Several have occurred right as he is on the cusp of seeing that dream become a reality.

I am so proud of my son and the determination he has shown. I am praying that the final obstacles that stand in his way will fall and that he will be in Barcelona a week from today starting his educational adventure.

This post was inspired by my wife’s Facebook post. She used the picture and talked about my son’s determination and grit.