May 15, 2024

I liked this thought from Cameron Moll that he shared on LinkedIn.

“Most of life’s important decisions are simply trading one set of problems for a new set of problems.

“Once you understand this, you’re equipped to take a more informed approach to your decision-making.

“Your goal should be a new set of problems whose net result is somehow better than the previous set of problems.

“However, it’s important to keep in mind that while the grass might truly be greener on the other side, it’s still grass. It might require more watering than the previous grass to keep it green. Or perhaps it’s Bermudagrass instead of Kentucky Bluegrass which requires a different maintenance routine.

“So, the next time you’re faced with an important decision, try reminding yourself that the end goal isn’t to eliminate *all* the problems with your current situation.

“The end goal is to get to a better set of problems.”