February 8, 2024
Football cards of Chiefs players Gary Barbaro, J.T. Smith, and Gary Spani.

I have thought about these cards several times over the past 5 years. I wasn’t sure if I still had them. OI found them in a box of baseball cards recently stuck to the side. The Kansas City Police Department would hand them out at games and other events around town.

The recent Chiefs success has made me think about the first years I started attending games at Arrowhead in the late 70’s. I don’t think any of those teams had a winning record. But each year I had new hope. My dad was able to get some good seats from his workplace and we went to a lot of games, especially in the pre-season. I got to go on the field several times through various clinics. I remember one involved kicker Nick Lowery. For more Chiefs memories, see my recent post, How ’bout those Chiefs?!