Launch of the new LGND website

July 13, 2023

I am proud to announce the official launch of the new LGND website. I have written several weeknotes about the work I was doing on the project over the past two months. It is so satisfying to finally see it launched and be able to share it with you.

This is a video that highlights the different case studies that are a part of the launch of the site.
One of the many animations on the site.

As I have mentioned in my weeknote posts, I came into the project late and helped to get it over the finish line. My teammate, Ross, did the bulk of the development work. He learned a lot about WordPress block creation. It has inspired me to learn more about how to build native Gutenberg blocks. In the few Gutenberg projects I have done, I have used ACF to build custom blocks. But the native blocks have more functionality that I would like to tap into and help improve the user experience for our clients on the backend.

I did a lot of polish work by fixing QA issues, addressing smaller screen layouts, tightening up the accessibility, and adding animations to take the site to the premium level that is a mark of our team’s work.

Almost everyone on the team touched this project and we are proud to launch it out into the world. Give us a shoutout if would like us to elevate your digital presence or if you are interested in exploring being part of this talented team.

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