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GodSquad.com helps launch new outreach in North Carolina

March 3, 2008

This is a story that highlights how one of the Web sites I develop is helping Campus Crusade to reach students by launching new ministries:

In North Carolina, a pastor’s wife emailed Campus Crusade’s staff wanting to start a ministry at Richmond Community College. By the time the staff met with her, the pastor’s wife had already established Campus Crusade as a recognized group on her campus, had 3 student officers, a faculty sponsor and a church partnership. As students stood in line at the campus bookstore to buy their books for the semester, the pastor’s wife was giving away flyers directing students to visit everystudent.com, an evangelistic Web site of Campus Crusade. There was also information on the flyer about a kickoff event that the ministry was having the next week.

When the Campus Crusade staff showed up at Richmond Community College to offer some coaching, the pastor’s wife had put together an outreach with a live band, 600 slices of pizza and an iPod that had been donated by the church partnership. To enter to win the iPod, students were asked to fill out a “30 second survey” that was downloaded from GodSquad. The survey generated over 100 contacts of people interested in small group Bible studies or knowing God personally. Over 60 students heard the gospel during the concert. GodSquad played a central role in helping to equip this pastor’s wife to begin the Campus Crusade ministry at Richmond Community College.

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