Frustration with Firefox 1.5

February 5, 2006

I have experienced some problems with Firefox 1.5. I think this is the third time that I have tried it. I uninstalled everything on my machine associated with a previous version of FF. I ran FF 1.5 almost all day and was hoping my problems with it were behind me when I encountered the problem late on Friday. I clicked on the FF icon in my launch bar and nothing. Firefox.exe showed up in my “processes” but the browser never came up. I gave it about twenty minutes and never saw it. I could get it to open in “safe mode” but not in normal operating mode.

I had the same problem two times before and ended up reverting back to 1.0.7. It is frustrating because I really like the FF browser. I found several people who had problems with this version of FF on the support forum on the Mozzila site, but none of them seemed to match what I had expereinced.

The only thing that I think it could have been is that I changed my setting to auto detect the proxy we use at work. When I switched that setting today at home in “safe” mode, I got the full operation browswer to come up. I am hoping that it continues to work. Otherwise, I will go back to 1.0.7 and aviod the hassles.

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