Favorite Scenes from The Lord of the Rings

June 10, 2020

The Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite stories. I do like the books better than the movies but I really enjoy the movies. I believe Peter Jackson did a phenomenal job of adapting the story to three screenplays. This is a selection of my favorite scenes from the movie trilogy.

All You Have to Decide

Every day we are confronted with situations that we would not choose for ourselves to be in. We cannot control our circumstances but we can choose how to respond to those circumstances. Those choices matter because some will build character and others can just make us bitter.

Frodo’s Decision and Sam’s Decision

I love the courage that both of these characters had to make the tough decisions that they did. And I admire Sam’s fierce loyalty to Frodo.

Sams’s Speech

This is probably my favorite scene in the entire trilogy. It always reminds me of the bigger Story that I am a part of. I can’t wait for the ending.

I Wonder if We Will Ever Be Put in Songs or Tales

I love this conversation as well. And the tenderness in which Frodo expresses the importance of Sam in the story that they are in.

A Far Green Country

I love Tolkien’s description of what lies ahead. I think of this scene often and the music and song that goes with it. It encourages me during the midst of the battles I must fight in my life.

Ride of the Rohirrim

I used this clip as motivation when I led a team development day. Great picture of how you muster up the courage to fight when you feel so overwhelmed and afraid. I love Howard Shore’s music for this scene.

But I Can Carry You

Sam is by far my favorite character in the story. I love his determination in this scene.

Never Thought I Would Die Fighting Side by Side with an Elf

What an awesome picture of building relationships with those not like us. Especially meaningful in the days we are currently living through.

For Frodo

When Aragorn says “for Frodo”, I see a king that I would follow anywhere.

The End of All Things

I just love this scene. What a great picture of friendship and comradery.

Frodo’s Goodbye

I thought a lot about this scene when we moved from Orlando seven years ago. A lot of tearful goodbyes. This scene always brings tears to me.

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