Favorite Icons

April 6, 2005

I am sure you have seen the little icons in the address bar of websites. I have created some in the past for my websites but they did not look very good. I decided to take another crack at it and have created some for GodSquad and campuscrusadeforchrist.com. I found some articles and other resources on creating these “favicons.” I even found a site where you browse to an image file on your computer and the site will generate a favicon. You then download a zip file with it and put the icon in the root folder of your site. Pretty simple.

  • Favicon from picts – favicon generator that I mentioned above
  • Creating a favicon in Photoshop – Runs through how to download the plugin you will need to save as an “.ico” file. Then the tutorial runs you through the process and gives some tips at creating a good favicon. I have customized my desktop by creating .ico with Photoshop.
  • I did a Google search and found several resources out there.

I did find that you have to empty the cache on your browser and clean out temporary files to have the favicon show up. I also learned that in Firefox you have to double click the “paper” icon in front of your link to get it to update the favicon from the default “page” icon.

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