Current Readings, March 24, 2005

March 24, 2005

  • Web Redesign 2.0 by Kelly Goto – I just got this book on Monday. I have enjoyed going through it so far. It is great to understand the process or to have an example of a process to follow. I bought this book because I have an idea for a redesign of which is the website I have put more of myself into then any other. I want to make it better for those who use it.

  • The Two Towers – This is my fourth reading of this book. I am reading it aloud to my wife before we go to sleep. I think I have said before how much I love the story and the books are so much better than the movies, though I also really enjoy watching them. I hope to have some time to watch the three of them soon. I started watching the Two Towers on Saturday.

  • Heaven by Randy Alcorn – I like this book. I look forward to getting more and more into it. It sparks my imagination about what eternity is going to be like. Oh how I long to have the glory of God revealed in me. I look forward to work that is so much more of a joy because it is in the world God intended. I am looking forward to thinking differently and Biblically about the home that awaits me. I really like the song, Into the West from the Return of the King. I picture going home to be with my Father when I hear the words.

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