CSS Reboot for GodSquad, Day 4

August 1, 2006

Today was my fourth day of trying to move a design from using tables to layout the page to using XHTML/CSS. Each day I am able to solve some problems and learn something new but I am still not there yet. I am frustrated that IE6 renders things so differently from a standards compliant browser like Firefox. As i siad the other day, most people are still using IE6 so the design has to work in it also.

I think I tend to forget how much time I spend working out the CSS each time I have done a design in it. I have done 4 different sites in XHTML/CSS and two of the sites I have done a second design so I have done a total of 6 designs that are tableless. I really like using CSS but it does add a lot more hassle at times because browsers render it differently. I hope IE7 does a better job and makes life a little bit easier as far as designing for it.

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