Cookies from New York

June 4, 2011

It is amazing how the Internet has changed our lives. I think about the fact that I just had a face-to-face conversation with one my best friends who lives in Hungary. I remember a time when our relationship consisted of a couple letters a year. Now we talk pretty regularly on Skype.

Twitter and social networking have opened up whole new avenues of relationships and with many people I have never met.

Three weeks ago, I was coding away at my job when I came across this tweet in my stream:!/vanshea/status/70183781402808321

I love chocolate chip cookies and wished I was in New York to share some with Van. So I replied:

I was kidding of course because you cannot send cookies through the Internet. (This is when a transporter would come in handy). So I was surprised by the response I got:!/vanshea/status/70192135063863298

I responded with a direct message. “Dude, if you are serious, here’s my address…” I still was not sure if he was serious.!/vanshea/status/70213370741137408

I could not believe it. Van FedExed three cookies to me and I could enjoy them on Wednesday.!/vanshea/status/70248979144781825!/vanshea/status/70936129033076737

I have never met Van in person. I thought about how generous he was to take the time and spend the money to send me some yummy cookies. I believe that Van started following me after the following tweet:!/jmspool/statuses/9540236741

Van follows Jared and started following me right after this tweet. I thought this was a great example of networking and social media. (I still am working on trying to send Van some sunshine.)


  1. Van

    June 5th, 2011

    Thanks again for this man. It was my pleasure and fun! Double W00T for social media!

  2. Terry

    June 6th, 2011

    Hey maybe you can send him some sunscreen? Or a postcard of FL?