CollegeWalk mentioned on Breakpoint (updated)

August 12, 2006

One of the sites that I designed and developed, CollegeWalk, was mentioned yesterday on Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint. CollegeWalk helps connect Christian freshman to campus ministries. The site was mentioned as a resource at the end of the segment on character on the college campus.

CollegeWalk is a site that I would like to develop further but I have run into some problems getting that done. There is functionality behind the site that allows students to register and ask that one or more of the college minstries contact them. There are other collegiate ministries that we would like to add but getting the programming done in house has been a challenge. At times I wish I knew more programming so I could make more of my dreams a reality.

Another interesting note, the site was down for a couple of days around the time that it was publicized on Breakpoint. Yikes, missed a huge opportunity there.


  1. Dennis

    March 3rd, 2008

    Did dissappear?!
    I was just looking for it based on Worldwide Challenge article from April 2005.

    Do you need some help getting a site up? We are wanting to create a coaching website for catalytic in Russia with blogs and forums for student leaders.

  2. Jeff

    March 3rd, 2008

    You had commented on my blog and asked about CollegeWalk. It has been decommissioned. There is another site, that has replaced it. LiveAbove is a true partnership of many ministries. There was no longer a need for CollegeWalk and it was becoming outdated. is more in line with what you were describing of a coaching site. We do not have blogs at this point but you might want to check it out for ideas.