Biola’s Perspective Student Web site

June 21, 2007

Yesterday, I came across Biola’s Perspective Undergrads Web site. I like the style of the design and I am guessing that it appeals well to the site’s intended audience. But not only is it a nice visual design, I believe the site is designed well for useability.

I found that the information on the on “how to get in” for first time students. I think they answered the questions that prospective students would have. I think that the two column content that reminded me of print worked well on this page because it is short enough. Because the information is in two columns, it was easy to scan and see what information was addressed.

On some longer content pages, the two column format did not work as well because you have to scroll back up to read the content in the right column.

Overall, I liked the site and it is a good example of good design and usability coming together.

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