Bald Eagles

November 1, 2005

Picture of a Bald EagleOne of the things I enjoy is seeing bald eagles in Florida. I only see them on occasion so it is always a treat when I see one.

This morning I had my camera so I stopped on my way to work to try to get a picture. I saw at least 5 eagles. There were several young ones that did not have white feathers yet. I spotted 2 adults sitting on the ground across the lake so I decided to walk over to try to capture them with my lens.

I was disappointed because as I got close to where I was going to stop for the picture, they took off. So I did not get a picture but I did get wet shoes because of the morning dew. I did get one picture of one in the air. It is not as good as I would like but a start.


  1. rob

    November 9th, 2005

    Awesome! Where?

  2. Jeff

    November 9th, 2005

    I took this picture in the Vista Lakes area off of Lee Vista Road. It is at the small lake close to the “lighthouse fountain” just east of Odyessy Middle School.

  3. rob’s place » central florida bears

    December 8th, 2005

    […] Then there are the rare occasions you see a bald eagle, a hawk in the back yard, or even a bobcat (I saw him twice several years ago). Not to mention all sorts of bugs and snakes. […]