Articles I Have Found Helpful

December 16, 2005

Here are some articles that I read recently.

  • Prioritizing Design Time: A Long Tail Approach – this article by Joshua Porter got me thinking about the importance of designing secondary pages. It also prompted me to consider how important a homepage really is. With Web 2.0, more visitors will probably enter sites bypassing the homepage so it decreases its importance even more.
  • The 5 Second Test – This comes from UIE and Christine Perfetti.
  • Joshua Porter has put together an introduction to Web 2.0. He includes links to articles that he terms “foundational writings.” In case you missed it, I did a posting summarizing a presentation Joshua gave at UI 10 Conference in October.
  • Dan Saffer of Adaptive Path talks about the types of experiences we might see in the future with Web 2.0. I found it interesting and will probably go back and reread it later.

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