Added another trick to my belt

December 9, 2005

Today, I was able to add another trick to my web toolbelt. For several months, I have been wanting to do Flash video differently. I wanted to have a static image in the Flash movie that a person would have to “click” in order to see the movie. But I would have to learn Flash or find someone who could teach me enough to pull off what I wanted.

Several weeks ago, I saw a site that did what I wanted to do except they did it with a static image and scripting that would replace the image with a Flash object. The site was Campus Crusade’s site in Canada. I wrote to someone there and finally today, I got hold of the php coding they used to pull it off. I applied it to a video I did for Katrina Relief on the US Campus Ministry website. I always enjoy learning new things to improve the experience of a site.

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