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My name is Jeff Bridgforth…

After 12 years of designing and developing Websites, I still wake up each morning excited about the day’s work. I love creating high quality sites that help both clients and their users achieve their goals.

I specialize in clean and elegant interfaces with a clear visual hierarchy, plenty of breathing space, and a comfortable aesthetic that leads to ease of use and a pleasant experience.

The results are inspiring and usable Websites that have consistently exceeded my clients’ expectations.

Killer Skills

I have a craftsman's eye for detail and the wisdom and experience to know which details are the most important and beneficial for each project.



You’re Looking for Me

Design Matters to Me

I am a highly motivated person with a passion for great design on the Web. I believe a clean and ele­gant inter­face increases the value of a brand by help­ing com­mu­ni­cate func­tion, increasing usabil­ity, cre­ating an attrac­tive per­son­al­ity, and building trust between the brand and the end user.

I cre­ate inter­faces that are not only beau­ti­ful aes­thet­i­cally, but also work beau­ti­fully so that the Web user can accom­plish his or her task and get on to liv­ing their life.

I care as much about the code that I craft as the visuals I create. I strive to write the cleanest and most semantic HTML and CSS possible.


I am a self-driven individual who served as the only Web designer in a large non-profit organization for 10 years. Much of the work I did was self-initiated. The leaders of my organization counted on me to shape the overall direction of our Internet endeavors.

I have extensive experience in shepherding projects from the conception stage to the final product. For the past seven months, I have successfully managed multiple projects at once for one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in very fast-paced scrum environment.

Throughout my career, I have taken responsibility to develop my skills and stay current with latest trends and best practices.

Committed to the Client

I believe in coming up with meaningful and effective design solutions that exceed client expectations and meet their business objectives.

I have a very strong work ethic and stick to a problem until it gets solved. I enjoy a challenge and work hard to attain project goals. My colleagues know that I can be counted on to deliver for the team and for the client.

I Work Well with Developers

Being a hybrid designer with front end development skills, I can relate to the challenges that developers are up against and can appreciate what it takes for them to knock it out of the park with their solution. My knowledge and understanding of their world has earned me the respect of the developers I have worked with.

At Campus Crusade, I consulted on multiple internal Web applications and helped the software development team to create better user experiences by applying my visual design knowledge and by implementing proven best practices for Web forms that I learned reading Luke Wroblewski’s book, Web Form Design.

In my current role at Bonnier Corporation, I have worked successfully with 2 remote Drupal developers to implement redesigns of Popular Photography and soon to be launched, Sound and Vision.

I’m Ready for Step 2

I am ready to tackle the next challenge in the application process.

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